Spiaggia di Cavoli


The shingle-sand beach at Cavoli, just 6km west of Marina di Campo, is particularly family-friendly, thanks to its beach cafe, sun loungers, pedalos and kids' playground.

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Nearby Elba attractions

1. Monte Perone


Just south of Poggio, the SP37 winds to a well-signed picnic site at the foot of Monte Perone (630m). To the left (east) you can wander up the mountain to…

2. Acquario dell'Elba

3.37 MILES

More than 150 Mediterranean species inhabit this modest aquarium, making it a good grey-day option. It’s 2km northeast of town, signposted off the SP30 to…

3. Santuario della Madonna del Monte

4.12 MILES

To enjoy an invigorating 40-minute hike, head up through Marciana along Via della Madonna to reach this much-altered hilltop chapel with its 13th-century…

6. Villa Romana delle Grotte

8.49 MILES

About 5km out of Portoferraio town, wander through the ruins of this 1st-century-BC Roman villa overlooking the sea at Punta delle Grotte and you will be…

7. Area Archeologica della Linguella

8.93 MILES

The 16th-century Torre del Martello was where Napoleon was 'imprisoned' at the start of his fleeting exile on Elba in 1814 and the russet-red, hexagonal…

8. Forte Falcone

9.02 MILES

Portoferraio's loftiest highest hill is crowned by this largely intact, 16th-century fort (1548) – a key point, together with Fort Stella and Torre del…