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Lake Como

Some 15km northeast of Lecco, the village of Barzio is important above all as the birthplace of Alessandro Manzoni. Nearby, Pasturo retains something of its medieval feel and is a starting point of a hiking trail to the summit of La Grigna Settentrionale. The first part, from Via Cantellone, sidles along a bubbling brook and makes for an effortless stroll in its initial stages. Locals enjoy some modest downhill and cross-country skiing in winter at Piani di Bobbio, just outside Barzio.

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Nearby Lake Como attractions

1. Piani dei Resinelli

4.79 MILES

About 9km northeast of Lecco, at Ballabio Superiore, a turnoff west sees you ascend about 8km of switchbacks through wooded country to Piani dei Resinelli…

2. Parco della Grigna Settentrionale

5.99 MILES

Spread around Grigne massif, this 5000-hectare park encompasses a mix of forests, pastures and rolling mountain peaks. There are some fine trails through…

4. Cornello dei Tasso


Eight kilometres north of San Pellegrino Terme, Cornello dei Tasso (signposted off the SS470) is a compact time warp, a golden stone medieval hamlet high…

5. Villa Monastero

9.73 MILES

At Villa Monastero elegant balustrades and statues sit amid exotic shrubs; spiky yucca trees frame lake and mountain views. The villa itself is a former…

6. Museo del Ciclismo

9.83 MILES

Cycling fans might want to make this top of their Lago di Como list. Set in a village that's frequently featured in the Giro d'Italia race, this museum is…

7. Santuario della Madonna del Ghisallo

9.86 MILES

This tiny 17th-century church is a major destination for cyclists, who long ago began leaving jerseys, bicycles, medals and other objects. The place's…

8. Castello di Vezio

9.89 MILES

High above the terracotta rooftops of Varenna, the imposing Castello di Vezio offers magnificent views over Lake Como. The 13th-century building was once…