Santuario Madonna della Rocca


Built inside a grotto on Monte Tauro, this small church was founded by the abbot Francesco Raineri in around 1640. According to legend, the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus appeared to a young shepherd who had taken refuge in the grotto during a sudden storm. The lofty view from the church's terrace is almost as heavenly, taking in Taormina and the deep-blue Ionian Sea beyond.

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1. Saracen Castle

0.06 MILES

Perched atop Monte Tauro are the (inaccessible) ruins of this castle, built between the 11th and 12th centuries. The castle sits on the former site of…

2. Monte Tauro

0.09 MILES

The short climb to the top of Monte Tauro (378m) is not exactly Himalayan, but it is steep and the final steps are quite hard work. Your reward is a…

3. Palazzo Ciampoli

0.17 MILES

The 14th-century Palazzo Ciampoli stands adjacent to the Hotel El Jebel.

4. Chiesa di San Giuseppe

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Overlooking Piazza IX Aprile, this jewel-box church was completed in the early 18th century. The central portal is made of local marble while the portals…

5. Torre dell’Orologio

0.18 MILES

Located just west of the main square, Piazza IX Aprile, this 12th-century clock tower marks the entrance to Borgo Medievale, Taormina's oldest quarter.

6. Corso Umberto I

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Taormina's chief delight is wandering this pedestrian-friendly, boutique-lined thoroughfare. Start at the tourist office in Palazzo Corvaja, which dates…

7. Palazzo Duca di Santo Stefano

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Just behind Corso Umberto and near Porta Catania, this 13th-century palace was once home to the De Spuches, a noble family of Spanish origin. Now used as…

8. Palazzo Corvaja

0.25 MILES

Dating back to the 10th century, the crenellated, Arab-influenced Palazzo Corvaja houses the tourist office and occasional exhibitions.