Castello di Lombardia


One of Sicily's most formidable castles guards Enna's highest point, at the easternmost edge of the historic centre. The original castle was built by the Saracens and later reinforced by the Normans; Frederick II of Hohenstaufen ordered that a powerful curtain wall be built with towers on every side.

The wall is still intact, but only six of the original 20 towers remain, of which the tallest is the Torre Pisano. Accessible from the Cortile dei Cavalieri (one of the castle's well-preserved inner courtyards), the tower delivers spectacular views over the valley to the town of Calascibetta and to Mt Etna in the northeast.

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Nearby Enna attractions

1. Rocca di Cerere

0.18 MILES

Just below the entrance to Castello di Lombardia is a huge rock, which was once home to Enna's Temple of Demeter (Ceres to the Romans), goddess of…

2. Duomo

0.27 MILES

The Duomo is the most impressive of the historic buildings that line Via Roma, Enna's showpiece street. Built over 200 years after the original Gothic…

3. Museo Archeologico di Palazzo Varisano

0.27 MILES

Enna's archaeological museum houses a good collection of local artefacts (labelled in Italian) excavated from throughout the region, as well as objects…

5. Piazza Crispi

0.59 MILES

Just off Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is another small square, Piazza F Crispi, commanding sweeping views over the valley to Calascibetta. The piazza is home…

6. Torre di Federico II

0.83 MILES

Secret passageways once led to this octagonal tower, which now stands in Enna's pine-studded public gardens. Once part of the town's old defence system,…

7. Chiesa Madre


Calascibetta's most impressive sight is its 14th-century cathedral. Among its highlights are 18th-century paintings by Ludovico Svirech.

8. Necropoli di Realmese

3.22 MILES

Situated 3km northwest of Calascibetta, the Necropoli di Realmese is worth investigating, with some 300 rock tombs dating from 850 BC. To reach the site,…