Complesso Nuragico Romanzesu

Eastern Sardinia

Spread over a 7-hectare site in a thick cork and oak wood, this 17th-century-BC nuraghic sanctuary comprises several religious buildings and circular village huts. The highlight is the sacred well temple, covered by a typical tholos (beehive-shaped dome) and connected to a semi-elliptic amphitheatre. Up to six daily guided tours help visitors make sense of the ruins; most are in Italian but tours in English and German are also offered. It's about 13km northwest of Bitti – follow the road towards Budduso.

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1. Museo Multimediale del Canto a Tenore


About 13km north of Orune via the SS389, the pastoral town of Bitti has achieved renown in recent years for its singing quartet, the Tenores de Bitti…

2. Fonte Sacra Su Tempiesu

9.59 MILES

Set in dramatic hill country near the dusty town of Orune, this sophisticated and elegant nuraghic well temple dates from the 2nd millennium BC. Reached…

3. Chiesa della Solitudine

13.95 MILES

Nobel Prize–winning author Grazia Deledda (1871–1936) was consumed by Nuoro and its essential dramas. Although she lived 36 of her 65 years in Rome, she…

4. Museo Deleddiano

14.26 MILES

Up in the oldest part of town, the birthplace of Grazia Deledda (1871–1936) has been converted into this lovely little museum. The rooms, full of Deledda…

5. Chiesa di San Carlo

14.28 MILES

To see a bronze copy of Francesco Ciusa’s La Madre dell’Ucciso (Mother of the Killed), which won a prize at the Venice Biennale in 1907, you should visit…

6. Piazza Satta

14.37 MILES

This small square is dedicated to the great poet Sebastiano Satta (1867–1914), who was born in a house here. To celebrate the centenary of Satta's birth,…

7. Museo Archeologico Nazionale

14.41 MILES

This museum presents a romp through the region’s archaeological sites. Finds from the surrounding province range from ancient ceramics and bronzetti to a…

8. Museo MAN

14.42 MILES

Housed in a restored 19th-century townhouse, this serious contemporary-art gallery hosts a wide range of rotating temporary exhibits.