Parco Nazionale dell' Appennino Tosco-Emiliano


Established in 2001 and made a Unesco Man and Biosphere Reserve in 2015, this 260-sq-km parcel of land straddles the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. The park boasts rich biodiversity, sandwiched as it is between the Continental and Mediterranean climatic zones. It runs along the spine of the Apennine mountains, offering a wealth of hiking opportunities, extensive beech forests and a small population of wolves.

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1. Pietra di Bismantova

5.98 MILES

Day-hikers can scale Pietra di Bismantova (1047m), a stark limestone outcrop visible for miles around that's popular with climbers and weekend walkers…

2. Museo Etnografico

15.84 MILES

Visit this lovely ethnographic museum, in San Pellegrino's former hospital, to learn just how little traditional mountain life has changed over the…

3. Castello di Torrechiara

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Magnifico Pier Maria Rossi's impressive Torrechiara Castle is one of the most important examples of Italian castle architecture and is considered one of…

5. Castello del Piagnaro

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From central Piazza della Repubblica and adjacent Piazza del Duomo, walk along Via Garibaldi then bear left along Vietata l'Affissione or Sdrucciolo del…

6. Cava di Fantiscritti

21.68 MILES

Head up the mountain to this dusty, truck-busy cava de marmo (marble quarry), through a dramatic series of tunnels used by trains to transport marble from…

7. Cava Museo

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To learn how the Romans worked with marble, visit this surprisingly informative, open-air museum adjoining the souvenir shop across from the quarry…