Museo Archeologico Regionale

Museum in Palermo

Image by Sabine Lubenow Getty Images

Situated in a Renaissance monastery, this splendid, wheelchair-accessible museum houses some of Sicily's most valuable Greek and Roman artefacts, including the museum's crown jewel, a series of original decorative friezes from the temples at Selinunte. Undergoing renovations since 2010, the museum is expected to completely re-open sometime in 2016. In the meantime, visitors have access to its gracious, fountain-studded courtyard, citrus-filled cloister and a selection of ancient sarcophagi, statues and pottery.

Beyond the decorative friezes from Selinunte, other important finds in the museum's collection include a Phoenician sarcophagus from the 5th century BC, Greek carvings from Himera, the Hellenistic Ariete di Bronzo di Siracusa (Bronze Ram of Syracuse), Etruscan mirrors and the largest collection of ancient anchors in the world.