Naples in detail

Dangers & Annoyances

Naples has long suffered a reputation as a dangerous place. In reality, the city today is a relatively safe place, especially if you heed the following basic safety tips:

  • Avoid keeping money, credit cards and other valuables in easy-to-reach pockets as pickpockets do operate on crowded metro trains, buses and at markets.
  • Never leave your bags unattended. At cafes and bars, loop your bag's strap around your leg while seated.
  • Be cautious of strangers who want your attention, especially at train stations and ports.
  • Although scooter-riding petty thieves are a much rarer phenomenon these days, it doesn't hurt to wear bags and cameras across your body, away from the street.
  • At archaeological sites, watch out for touts posing as legitimate guides.

Government Travel Advice

The following government websites offer travel advisories and information on current hot spots.

  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (
  • British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (
  • Global Affairs Canada (
  • New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs (
  • US Department of State (

Police Stations

If you do run into trouble, the central police station has an office for foreigners.

If your car has been clamped or removed, call 081 795 28 66.