Rocca di Brisighella

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Standing sentinel high above town on a gypsum hilltop, this medieval fortress, along with the Torre dell'Orologio and Santuario del Monticino on neighbouring hilltops, forms the postcard-perfect view of Brisighella. Construction dates to 1310 – with two later renovations, including the expansion of the western bastion by the Venetians between 1503 and 1506. The fortress features two watchtowers of varying heights. The views from here, both of town and across to the Torre dell'Orologio, are the reason you have come to Brisighella.

The smaller of the two towers houses informative historic panels and a tiny archaeological museum. The taller tower recreates the captain's bedroom and kitchen. But the true appeal is wandering the walkways and paths between the two, which afford stupendous views in all directions. The ticket includes admission to Brisighella's small civil museum in town.

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