Santuario Santa Vittoria

Archaeological Site in Sarcidano

Beyond the small village of Serri, the Santuario Santa Vittoria is one of Sardinia's most important nuraghic settlements. It was first studied in 1907 and later excavated in 1962. What you see today is divided roughly into three zones. The central area, the Recinto delle Riunioni (Meeting Area), is a unique enclave thought to have been the seat of civil power. A grand oval space is ringed by a wall within which are towers and various rooms.

Beyond it is the religious area, which includes a Tempietto a Pozzo (Well Temple), a second temple, a structure thought to have been the Capanna del Sacerdote (Priest’s Hut), defensive trenches, and a much later addition, the Chiesa di Santa Vittoria, a little country church after which the whole site is now named. Separated from both areas is the Casa del Capo (Chief’s House), so-called perhaps because it is the most intact habitation, with walls still up to 3m high. Finally, a separate area, made up of several circular dwellings, is thought to have been the main residential quarter. Still, only four of about 22 hectares have been fully uncovered.

Santuario Santa Vittoria is at the end of a scenic road (on one side you look over La Giara di Gesturi, on the other the land rises up towards the Gennargentu).