Necropoli di Montessu

Archaeological Site in Sulcis

One of Sardinia's most important archaeological sites, this ancient necropolis occupies a natural rocky amphitheatre in the verdant countryside near Villaperuccio. It dates to the Ozieri period (approximately 3000 BC) and is peppered with primitive tombs known as domus de janas (literally 'fairy houses'). Many of these appear as little more than a hole in the wall, though some harbour wonderful relief carvings.

From the ticket booth it's a 500m walk up to the main site. When you first arrive up the stairs from the roadway, to your immediate right is a Tomba Santuario, a rectangular foyer followed by three openings into a semicircular tomb area behind. Follow the trail to its right to see a cluster of tombs and then the Tomba delle Spirali, where you can clearly make out the raised relief of spirals and symbolic bulls.

To get to the site from Villaperuccio, take the road for Narcao and follow the signs off to the left. It's about 2km.