Roman ruins of Saepinum

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One of Molise’s hidden treasures, the Roman ruins of Saepinum are among the best preserved and least visited in the country. Unlike Pompeii and Ostia Antica, which were both major ports, Saepinum was a small provincial town of no great importance. It was originally established by the Samnites but the Romans conquered it in 293 BC, paving the way for an economic boom in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Some 700 years later, it was sacked by Arab invaders.

The walled town retains three of its four original gates and its two main roads, the cardo maximus and the decamanus. Highlights include the forum, basilica and theatre – where you'll find the Museo della Città e del Territorio.

It's not easy to reach Saepinum by public transport, but the bus from Campobasso to Sepino (€1.20, six daily on weekdays) generally stops near the site at Altilia, although it's best to ask the driver.

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