Nahal Iyyun Nature Reserve

Top choice in Upper Galilee & Golan

One of the Galilee’s loveliest creek-side trails, about 3km long, follows the Iyyun (Ayun) Stream from its crossing from Lebanon into Israel, through a cliff-lined canyon, to four waterfalls, including the 31m-high Tanur (Chimney) Waterfall. The park has two entrances: one in Metula’s northeastern corner, just 100m from the border fence (last entry 1½ hours before closing), the other – offering an easy round-trip circuit to the Tanur Waterfall – on Rte 90 3km south of town (last entry one hour before closing).

From the lower entrance, a short walk leads to three wading pools for kids (entering the water elsewhere in the reserve is forbidden), and there's a wheelchair-accessible trail.

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