Russian Museum & Tree of Zacchaeus


A short walk from the town centre, the Russian Museum traces the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Holy Land and has an interesting collection of archaeological finds, including an impressive mosaic, coins and religious artefacts. Its garden is home to the Tree of Zacchaeus, a sycamore believed to be more than 2000 years old that's mentioned in the Bible.

The story goes that a wealthy tax collector who was too short to see Jesus amid the crowds climbed this very tree to get a better view. Seeing this, Jesus asked the tax collector if he could visit his home, a gesture that so moved Zacchaeus that he decided to dedicate himself to a life of charitable deeds.

Visitors who don't want to visit the Russian Museum but still want a glimpse of the tree can do so from a little further up Ein Al Sultan St, albeit only through the railings.

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