Mount of Temptation & Monastery of the Qurantul


One of Jericho's – indeed, the entire West Bank's – most impressive sights is the Monastery of the Qurantul, built on the spot where the Bible says Jesus resisted Satan after his 40-day fast in the desert.

It is an incredible feat of engineering, cut into the cliff face with dramatic views over the Dead Sea to Jordan.

Opening times for the monastery are sporadic, but as with all tourist attractions in the Palestinian Territories, it is best to go early – or at least a couple of hours before sunset. Note that the caretaker may lock the door if he is showing big groups around, so it is worth hanging around a few minutes if you find it closed.

Cable cars stop just before the monastery, and even the short climb up the stairs to the front gate can be a struggle in the midday heat. The juice sellers and a couple of restaurants provide a good spot to catch your breath.

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