Khan Ash Shune

One of the old city's four caravanserais, this old granary inn from the 18th century is located a few steps west of the eastern entrance to the Templars' Tunnel.

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1. Templars' Tunnel

0.01 MILES

This extraordinary underground passageway, 350m long, was built by the Knights Templar (a Christian military order) to connect their main fortress, just…

2. Khan Al Umdan

0.02 MILES

The grandest of old Akko's four large khans (caravanserais) is the 18th-century Khan Al Umdan, easily recognisable thanks to its square Ottoman clock…

3. Sinan Pasha Mosque

0.07 MILES

Thought to be the earliest mosque in Akko, the so-called 'Sea Mosque’ dates to the 16th-century, though the current turquoise-domed structure was built in…

4. Khan Al Franj

0.11 MILES

Built by merchants in the mid-16th century, the courtyard of this former caravanserai – the oldest in Akko – is accessible through an open archway.

5. St George's Church

0.11 MILES

This Greek Orthodox Church dates from the early Ottoman period, though it was built on an earlier Crusader church. Entering the courtyard, immediately on…

6. Baha’i Holy Site

0.15 MILES

Near the western edge of the walled city, this building is where Baha’ullah wrote the Baha’i book of laws in the 1870s. It is closed to the public.

7. Hammam Al Pasha

0.21 MILES

Built in 1780 by Al Jazzar and in use until the 1940s, this richly ornamented marble and tile hammam now plays host to a 30-minute multimedia show about…

8. Khan Ash Shawarda

0.22 MILES

This broad, square former caravanserai, built over a Crusader-era convent in the 18th century, has been beautifully restored and now shelters a number of…