House of Love & Prayer

Hasidic synagogue that sings its Shabbat prayers in the mellow spiritual tradition of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Those seeking to pray on Shabbat are welcome.

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1. Citadel Ruins & Cistern

0.06 MILES

Near the southern tip of Citadel Park, the ruins of one of the citadel's inner walls can be seen along Chativat Yiftach St. From there, a path and stairs…

2. General Safed Exhibition

0.07 MILES

Opened in 1952, this group gallery – housed in the desanctified, Ottoman-era Market Mosque – displays, sells and ships works by about 50 painters and…

3. Sheva Chaya Glassblowing Gallery

0.08 MILES

Kabbalistic concepts and women’s themes in Judaism are represented in the art of Denver-born painter and glass-blower Sheva Chaya Shaiman. She sometimes…

4. Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art


Avraham Loewenthal, who hails from Detroit, is happy to explain the symbolism of his inspirational paintings and prints, whose abstract forms are rooted…

5. Citadel Park


The highest point in central Tsfat (834m), now a breeze-cooled park, was once part of the largest Crusader fortress in the Middle East. The size of eight…

6. Safed Craft Pottery

0.11 MILES

UK-born potter Daniel Flatauer works in the English studio pottery tradition, producing tableware, kitchenware and Judaica that is both functional and…

7. Davidka Monument

0.12 MILES

This monument recalls the role played by the homemade Davidka mortar in securing the Jewish victory in the 1948 Battle of Tsfat. Its 40kg shells were…

8. Yehezkel HaMeiri Viewpoint

0.14 MILES

Situated at the very bottom of Ma'alot Olei HaGardom, this platform affords views of the Kabbalists' tombs and Mt Meron.