Hunt Museum

Museum in Limerick City

Although named for its benefactors, this museum, opened in 1997, is also a treasure hunt. Visitors are encouraged to open drawers and otherwise poke around the finest collection of Bronze Age, Iron Age, medieval and modern art treasures outside Dublin. Highlights include a Syracusan coin claimed to have been one of the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for his betrayal of Christ, a Renoir study, a Gauguin painting, a Giacometti drawing and works by Picasso and Jack B Yeats.

There's also a tiny but exquisite bronze horse once attributed to da Vinci (but now considered a much later copy), Cycladic sculptures, an alabaster vase from ancient Egypt dated to the 3rd century BC and a smattering of pieces from the Far East. The 2000-plus items are from the private collection of the late John and Gertrude Hunt, antique dealers and consultants, who championed historical preservation throughout the region. Free one-hour guided tours from the dedicated and colourful volunteers are available. The museum has a good cafe.