Kilmallock Museum

County Limerick

A lane leads down from the main street (opposite the King's Castle) to this tiny museum, which houses a random collection of historical artefacts and a model of the town in 1597. The museum is the base for the history trail around town, and provides tourist information.

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1. Kilmallock Abbey

0.06 MILES

A footbridge leads across the river from Kilmallock Museum to the atmospheric ruins of this 13th-century Dominican friary. Much of the arcaded cloister…

2. Grange Stone Circle

7.92 MILES

This stone circle, known as the Lios, is a superb 4000-year-old circular enclosure made up of 113 embanked upright stones, the largest prehistoric circle…

3. Lough Gur Heritage Centre

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This thatched replica of a Neolithic hut contains a helpful information desk and good exhibits on prehistoric monuments and settlements in the surrounding…

4. Donkey Sanctuary

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This nonprofit institution is dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused donkeys. Here they are provided with food and veterinary care and virtually no…

5. Franciscan Friary

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The ruins of this friary, founded by the Earl of Kildare in 1464, stand serenely in the middle of Adare Golf Club beside the River Maigue. Public access…

6. Church of the Holy Trinity

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The dramatic tower and southern wall of the Church of the Holy Trinity date from the 13th-century Trinitarian priory that was restored by the first Earl…

7. Adare Heritage Centre

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In the middle of Adare, exhibits here explain the history and medieval context of the village's buildings in entertaining fashion. Quality Irish crafts…

8. Augustinian Priory

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North of Adare village, on the N21 and close to the bridge over the River Maigue, is the Church of Ireland parish church, once the Augustinian priory,…