St Kevin's Bed


Just east of Teampall na Skellig, and 10m above the Upper Lake's waters, is the 2m-deep artificial cave called St Kevin's Bed, said to be where Kevin lived. The earliest human habitation of the cave was long before St Kevin's era – there's evidence that people lived in the valley for thousands of years before any monks arrived.

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1. Teampall na Skellig

0.02 MILES

The original site of St Kevin's settlement, Teampall na Skellig is at the base of the cliffs towering over the southern side of the Upper Lake and…

2. St Kevin's Cell

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Climb the steps at the back of the Reefert Churchyard and follow the path to the west and you'll find, at the top of a rise overlooking the Upper Lake,…

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In the green area just south of the Upper Lake car park is a large circular wall thought to be the remains of an early Christian stone fort (caher).

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