Rosslare Strand

This glorious white-sand and pebbled beach stretches for 6.5km and has a Blue Flag rating. Protected by offshore sandbars, its shallow waters make it ideal for families; lifeguards patrol here from June to August. Its southern tip is 1.5km north of Rosslare Harbour.

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1. Our Lady's Island


Lady's Island Lake encloses Our Lady's Island, the site of an early Augustinian priory, which still has an annual pilgrimage in August/September. Pilgrims…

2. Tacumshane Windmill

4.75 MILES

Tacumshane Windmill is a rare survivor of the mills that once dotted this landscape, and is the only complete windmill in the Republic of Ireland. Built…

3. Irish Agricultural Museum

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The outbuildings of Johnstown Castle, whose gardens are a must-see, house a fascinating collection of early Ferguson tractors, farm machinery, Irish…

4. Johnstown Castle Gardens

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5. St Iberius' Church

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6. Creative Hub

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7. Bull Ring

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8. Lone Pikeman Statue

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Participants in the 1798 Rising used the Bull Ring as an open-air armaments factory; they're commemorated here by the Lone Pikeman statue.