St Thomas' Church

County Mayo

One of Achill's many stone churches, this one dating from 1831.

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Nearby County Mayo attractions

1. Silver Strand

0.41 MILES

Dugort's Silver Strand beach is a prime example of the island's many fine coves.

2. Mt Slievemore

1.44 MILES

Mt Slievemore (671m) can be climbed from behind deserted Slievemore Village for terrific views of Blacksod Bay.

3. Golden Strand


As the name implies – a ribbon of golden heaven; in the north of Achill Island near Dugort.

4. Slievemore Deserted Village

2.22 MILES

The bleak remains of more than 80 houses in this deserted village at the foot of Mt Slievemore are slowly being reduced to rock piles, a poignant reminder…

5. Achill Sea Salt

2.58 MILES

At the O’Malley's factory, tours reveal just how the family magics Achill's mineral-rich waters into flavoursome flakes of crunchy salt. After seeing…

6. Trawmore Beach

3.12 MILES

Running 3km southeast from Keel, beautiful, Blue Flag, golden-sand Trawmore is among Achill's most photographed beaches. Be aware that there are dangerous…

7. Dooega Beach

4.73 MILES

A sheltered Blue Flag beach that's easily accessible from the road.

8. Don Allum Monument

4.85 MILES

In the village of Dooagh's main car park sits a slender, inscribed stone noting the epic achievement of Don Allum, the first person to row across the…