Kuchuk Khan Horseman Statue


The horseman statue facing down Sa'di St mall from Shohoda Sq depicts Kuchuk Khan, the Jangali leader of ‘Soviet Iran’.

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1. Shahrdari

0.03 MILES

Rasht’s most identifiable landmark sits at the western end of the vast, central Shohoda Sq. The Shahrdari’s colonial style is tempered by a token mini…

2. Rasht Museum

0.42 MILES

While small, this museum is well presented in a 1930s house. Its mannequin displays illustrate the Gilaki lifestyle, amid a selection of 3000-year-old…

3. Kuchuk Khan Mausoleum

1.55 MILES

A steady flow of well-wishers visits Kuchuk Khan's tomb (Manzariyeh St), sheltered by a contemporary brick gazebo with an intricate wooden roof. The tomb…

4. Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

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Many traditional Gilani cottages have been reassembled in the grounds of this fascinating open-air museum that strives to represent the different cultural…

5. Akbariyeh Mosque

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An intriguing Qajar-era mosque with a two-storey octagonal tower.

6. Golshan Hammam

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This crumbling, two-chambered hammam from the Qajar period is in the process of being turned into a restaurant.

7. Masjed-e Jameh

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This Qajar-era Friday mosque is pierced by a blue-tipped brick minaret.

8. Chahar Padeshah Mosque

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Rumoured as the resting place of four Gilani kings, the mosque is famous for its carved wooden doors, which have been moved to Tehran’s National Museum…