Akbariyeh Mosque


An intriguing Qajar-era mosque with a two-storey octagonal tower.

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1. Golshan Hammam

0.11 MILES

This crumbling, two-chambered hammam from the Qajar period is in the process of being turned into a restaurant.

2. Masjed-e Jameh

0.12 MILES

This Qajar-era Friday mosque is pierced by a blue-tipped brick minaret.

3. Chahar Padeshah Mosque

0.13 MILES

Rumoured as the resting place of four Gilani kings, the mosque is famous for its carved wooden doors, which have been moved to Tehran’s National Museum…

4. Mausoleum of Kashef-ol-Saltaneh

1.22 MILES

This austere, grey mausoleum entombs the man who is credited with introducing tea cultivation to Iran. It houses an underwhelming museum of tea…

5. Sheitan Kuh

1.53 MILES

The easternmost 800m of Kashef St climbs Sheitan Kuh, a tree-covered ridge fringed with tea gardens. It’s crowded on Friday with local tourists enjoying…

6. Soustan Lagoon

2.11 MILES

This beautiful wetland area 4km southeast of Lahijan, near the village of Soustan (Sistan), is an important habitat for migratory birds, and is most…

7. Sheikh Zahed Mausoleum

2.73 MILES

Half close your eyes and you could almost imagine this beautiful shrine as a Buddhist temple in the Nepali foothills – all that's missing is the ek on the…

8. Gilan Rural Heritage Museum


Many traditional Gilani cottages have been reassembled in the grounds of this fascinating open-air museum that strives to represent the different cultural…