Boq’eh-ye Khajeh Rabi


This beautifully proportioned, blue-domed mausoleum commemorates an apostle of the prophet Mohammad who later exiled himself to Khorasan to avoid tensions between the prophet's then-feuding followers. Paying respects at the grave was said to have been Imam Reza’s ‘main consolation’ in coming to Mashhad. The mausoleum took its present domed form after a 1612 rebuild, though much of the decorative tilework came later. Look for the two little dragon heads in green on the west iwan.

A large arcade surrounds the mausoleum, containing a cemetery paved with thousands of tombstones. Burial here costs up to IR180,000,000 – but that's still only half what you’d pay to inter a body beneath the Haram.

Get here on bus 34 from Tabarsi Blvd, bus 38 from Kuh-e Sangi (via Shohada Sq) or bus 99 from Vakilabad Metro.

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