Bab-ol Tusi Entry Gate

The Haram's northwestern entrance is a work in progress, with beautiful twin minarets under construction above the portal.

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2. Holy Shrine

0.16 MILES

Amid tearful prayer and meditation, the climax to any Mashhad pilgrimage is touching and kissing the zarih (gold-latticed cage), which covers Imam Reza’s…

4. Azim-e Gohar Shad

0.18 MILES

Exploring the Haram you might glimpse the 50m blue dome and cavernous golden portal of this classic Timurid mosque, built from 1405 to 1418. Unfortunately…

6. Imam Khomeini Ravagh

0.22 MILES

All a-dazzle with intricate, mirror-faceted tiling, this former courtyard is now enclosed and entirely covered by a sparkling ceiling held in place by…

7. Haftado Tan Mosque

0.23 MILES

Just outside the Haram complex’s official limits sits this splendid 15th-century mosque, originally built as a Timurid-era tomb. It is famous for its mo…

8. Anthropology Museum

0.23 MILES

The main delight of this spacious museum in a former bathhouse is the central dome's 1922 naive murals featuring anthropomorphic figures gallivanting…