Nazhvan Cultural & Recreational Resort

Top choice in Esfahan

This huge park on the outskirts of Esfahan encompasses a large complex of attractions that makes a pleasant contrast to Esfahan's intense city experience. The park includes the Birds Garden (IR180,000), the Esfahan Aquarium (IR500,000), a Sea Shell Museum (IR150,000), a Reptile House (IR150,000) and a Butterfly Collection (IR80,000). Each attraction is charged separately and there is no combined ticket.

With a picnic, the wooded park makes a pleasant day's outing, particularly in autumn when the leaves change colour. Other attractions inside the park include a small chairlift over the river, horse-drawn carriages, a miniature train and a water park for kids. A Ladies Garden (8am to sunset) gives a bit of respite for women wanting to avoid unwanted attention, kiosks sell limited snacks, there's a restaurant in the Birds Park and the grounds are serviced with clean toilet facilities. A taxi to the park costs around IR160,000 from the centre of town.

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