Kordasht Hammam


Large, lovingly renovated historic hammam with newly marbled floors and attractive ceiling patterns. If closed, ask at the caretaker's house by the entrance road.

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1. Abbas Mirza Castel

0.38 MILES

Crumbling mud and eroded stone battlements tumble down a rocky hill next to the road, a poignant reminder of a disastrous 19th-century war with Russia.

2. Ordubad

12.59 MILES

Naxçivan's most attractive settlement appears like an oasis amid craggy desert landscapes. Its central square features a classic old-men's teahouse…

3. Asiyab Khurabe

21.24 MILES

Locals love this popular wooded picnic area near a drippy, moss-covered grotto.

4. Javer Castle

22.15 MILES

Little remains of the actual castle other than some crumbling stone walls following the ridgeline south from the road, but the views are amazing.

5. Vahanavank

24.25 MILES

The main sight in the immediate area around Kapan is the remains of 10th-century Vahanavank, about 7km from Kapan just off the Kajaran road. The monastery…

6. Gəmiqaya

26.02 MILES

Naxçivan's antiquity of human habitation is witnessed by a series of Bronze Age petroglyphs near the summit of remote Mt Gəmiqaya, thought to date as far…