Kampung Praigoli


Best known for its nearly 200-year-old Watu Kajiwa, the deeply traditional, sprawling village of Praigoli is notched in the dusty, leafy hills above Sumba's southwest coast. About 5km onwards from Praigoli is the traditional village of Waeiwuang, with views of rice fields, a river, the sea and coastal mountains, and another stone tomb with a 2.5m-tall fleur-de-lis.

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1. Kampung Waigalli

0.15 MILES

Downhill from the riverside settlement of Taramanu, just after the sports field, you'll meet a good road that leads to a huddle of about 30 thatched, peak…

2. Kampung Tambelar

6.88 MILES

Has very impressive tombs and stone graves, with rows of houses with thatched roofs. Leave a donation of 20,000Rp or 50,000Rp if there are a few of you.

3. Kampung Prai Klembung

6.92 MILES

It’s only a short stroll from most hotels to Prai Klembung, a nearby village with hefty concrete-slab tombs in an overgrown but atmospheric setting…

4. Kampung Tarung

6.95 MILES

Tarung is home to five tribes, each with their own small, thatched shrine where only the local ratu (priest) is allowed to pray and commune with the…

5. Kampung Waitabar

7.05 MILES

It’s only a short stroll from most hotels to Prai Klembung and then up the hill that juts from the centre of town to Tarung and Waitabar. Kampung Waitabar…

6. Pantai Watubela

8.83 MILES

You'll need your own wheels or a driver to access this slice of paradise, which is part of Patiala Bawa village, but the privacy and serenity is worth it…

7. Gallu Bakul

10.77 MILES

At Gallu Bakul, 2.5km down the road from the modernising village of Kabonduk, is Sumba’s heaviest tomb, weighing in at 70 tonnes. At its eastern end is a…

8. Kampung Pasunga

12.79 MILES

Right beside the main road to Waingapu, 22km east of Waikabubak, Kampung Pasunga boasts one of Sumba’s most impressive tombs. The most interesting grave…