Gundaling Hill

North Sumatra

Around 4km north of the Tugu Perjuangan war monument, tree-shaded Gundaling Hill provides a unique vantage point from which you can see both Gunung Sinabung and Gunung Sibayak. It’s a 45-minute walk past the turnoff towards Sibayak, or you can catch a green Bintang Karo (4000Rp) minibus from halfway along the main street.

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1. Museum Pusaka Karo

0.72 MILES

Set up inside the old Catholic church (c 1956), this centrally located museum has beautifully presented displays on Karo culture and crafts, including…

3. St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

0.81 MILES

Definitely not your everyday church, St Francis of Assisi is built in a monumental Karo Batak style, with a traditional multitiered pointed-roof design…

4. Giant Cabbage

0.98 MILES

Berastagi’s most prominent landmark is this homage to the humble cabbage, erected in 1972 as a 'thank you' for the riches it brought to the local economy.

5. Taman Alam Lumbini

2.87 MILES

Located 6km east of Berastagi, this gleaming golden Buddhist temple is a replica of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. You'll need to arrange…

6. Gunung Sibayak

4.03 MILES

Famous for its steamy sulphurous fumaroles, Gunung Sibayak (2094m) is one of Indonesia’s most accessible volcanoes. Getting to the summit for sunrise is a…

7. Museum Karolingga

5.73 MILES

On the road leading into the village of Lingga is this interesting little museum inside a traditional building with displays on Karo culture and artefacts…

8. Lingga

5.93 MILES

The most visited of the villages around Berastagi, Lingga, a few kilometres northwest of Kabanjahe, has just a couple of traditional houses with…