Proyek Penyu

North Bali

Pemuteran is home to the nonprofit Proyek Penyu, run by Reef Seen Divers' Resort. Turtle eggs and small turtles purchased from locals are looked after here until they're ready for ocean release. Thousands of turtles have been released since 1994. You can visit the small hatchery and make a donation to sponsor and release a tiny turtle. It's just off the main road, along the beach just east of Taman Selini Beach Bungalows.

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1. Pemuteran Beach

0.06 MILES

The grey-brown sand is a little thin and definitely not powdery but you can't beat the setting. The blue waters and surrounding green hills make for a…

2. Pulaki

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Pulaki is famous for its grape vines (Bali's Hattan Wines owns many), watermelons and for Pura Pulaki, a coastal temple that was completely rebuilt in the…

3. Makam Jayaprana

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7. Hoo Tong Bio Chinese Temple

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One of the few sights in Banyuwangi is this dragon-encrusted temple, built in 1784. It’s well worth a peek.

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Located in the same building as the tourist office, this small museum is devoted to culture from the area, with batik and traditional costumes, ceramics…