Pantai Lombang

East Java

The stunning white sands of Pantai Lombang, 30km northeast of Sumenep, make it the best beach in Madura; there’s no development here to spoil the idyllic scene. Locals harvest tree saplings for the bonsai market and sell coconuts to visitors.

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1. Taman Sari

15.22 MILES

Occupied by the present bupati of Sumenep, the kraton and its pleasure garden were built in 1750 by Panembahan Sumolo, son of Queen Raden Ayu Tirtonegoro…

2. Kraton

15.22 MILES

Occupied by the present bupati (regent) of Sumenep, the grand kraton and its Taman Sari date back to 1750. The bathing pools once used by the royal women…

3. Royal Carriage-House Museum

15.24 MILES

Opposite the kraton, the Royal Carriage-House Museum contains the throne of Queen Tirtonegoro, a Chinese-style bed, which is reputedly 300 years old, and…

4. Mesjid Jamik

15.43 MILES

Looking more like an extravagant city gateway than a mosque, Sumenep’s 18th-century Mesjid Jamik is notable for its three-tiered Meru-style roof, Chinese…

5. Asta Tinggi Cemetery

16.16 MILES

The tombs of the royal family are at the Asta Tinggi Cemetery, which looks out over the town from a peaceful hilltop 3km northwest of the centre. The main…

6. Ambunten

22.48 MILES

Ambunten is the largest settlement on the north coast and has a bustling market. Just over the bridge, you can walk along the picturesque river, which is…