Danau Tolire Besar

Beyond the village of Takome, a paved lane off the road climbs to the rim of Danau Tolire Besar. Startlingly sheer cliffs plummet down to the lugubriously green, crocodile-infested waters of this deep crater lake. Locals offer guide services should you want to descend (1½ hours return on foot).

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1. Jikomalamo

2.05 MILES

A couple of kilometres past Sulamadaha, a lane runs right off the highway down to the secluded stilted village of Jikomalamo. There are some small sandy…

2. Gunung Api Gamalama


Gamalama's volcanic cone dominates Ternate, rising to 1721m. Major eruptions in 1775 and 1840 wreaked havoc on the island. Gamalama still spews out lava,…

3. Sulamadaha

2.67 MILES

A slender black-sand beach with heavy swells and sadly ruined coral, Sulamadaha is a popular local hangout at weekends. There are fine views across to the…

4. Danau Laguna

5.73 MILES

Danau Laguna is a pleasant, spring-fed bowl lake with a lushly forested perimeter. When viewed from above (take the steep lane to the west of the lagoon),…

5. Benteng Tolukko

5.77 MILES

A tiny, beautifully situated fort surrounded by a vivid tropical garden, Benteng Tolukko was the first Portuguese stronghold on Ternate (dating back to…

6. Keraton

5.82 MILES

Built in 1834 and restored in semi-colonial style, the Sultan’s Palace is technically a family home, although no one is in residence owing to a dispute…

7. Royal Mosque

5.97 MILES

On the 27th evening of Ramadan, Lailat-ul-Qadr celebrations see the sultan’s procession arrive to a mass of flaming torches at the Royal Mosque, which has…

8. Benteng Oranye

6.24 MILES

Known to the Portuguese as Fort Malayo, the Dutch-built Benteng Oranye, which dates from the early 17th century, is a sprawling, largely ruinous complex…