East Bali

Situated about 4km south of central Klungkung, on the way to the coast, Gelgel was once the seat of Bali's most powerful dynasty. The town's decline started in 1710, when the court moved to present-day Klungkung, and finished when the Dutch bombarded the place in 1908. Today, few traces of its past grandeur remain. The main temple, Pura Dasar Bhuana, has vast courtyards that point to its past as a royal place of worship.

About 500m east of Pura Dasar Bhuana, the Masjid Nurul Huda Gelgel is Bali's oldest mosque. Although modern-looking, it was established in the late 16th century for the benefit of Muslim missionaries from Java who were unwilling to return home after failing to make any converts.

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1. Semarapura Market

1.42 MILES

Klunkgkung's market is a vibrant hub of commerce and a meeting place for people of the region. You can easily spend an hour wandering about the warren of…

2. Bale Kambang

1.47 MILES

Located within the palace compound, the ceiling of this beautiful floating bale (open-sided pavilion) showcases rows of paintings dealing with various…

3. Puri Agung Semarapura

1.48 MILES

Built when the Dewa Agung dynasty moved here in 1710, this palace compound was laid out as a large square, believed to be in the form of a mandala, with…

4. Kertha Gosa

1.48 MILES

This open-sided pavilion in the northeastern corner of Puri Agung Semarapura was effectively the supreme court of the Klungkung kingdom, where disputes…

5. Museum Semarajaya

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Housed in a colonial-era building on the western side of the Puri Agung Semarapura, this museum is mainly notable for its overwhelming smell of mothballs…

6. Puputan Monument


Klungkung was the last Balinese kingdom to succumb to the Dutch (1908) and the sacrifice of its royal family, who committed puputan (mass ritual suicide)…

7. Pantai Klotok

1.53 MILES

Sacred statues from Pura Besakih are brought to the temple at this beach for ritual cleansing. Admire the pale blue flowers – they're sacred – on the wild…

8. Nyoman Gunarsa Museum

1.63 MILES

Showcasing works by the late, internationally renowned Balinese painter Nyoman Gunarsa (1944–2017), this vast three-storey building on Klungking's western…