Kota Gede


In 1582, Kota Gede was made the first capital of the Mataram kingdom, the founder of which, Panembahan Senopati, is buried in a tomb here. Today, the area is an upmarket suburb of Yogyakarta and the hub of Yogya’s famous silver industry. Kota Gede is 5km southeast of Jl Malioboro (Sosrowijayan), from where it's reachable by bus 3A. A becak costs around 50,000Rp.

Since the 1930s, silversmiths have crafted this precious metal into a wealth of practical (cutlery, bowls) and decorative (jewellery, ornaments) items; the main street, Jl Kemasan, continues to be lined with busy workshops. Most of the shops have similar stock, including hand-beaten bowls, boxes, fine filigree work and modern jewellery; they are closed on Sunday.

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