Kedai Kebun Forum


This fun, bohemian space is a key haunt for Yogya's arts community. The gallery curates mixed-media exhibitions and hosts pop-up shops, film screenings and DJs. The upstairs restaurant caters well for vegans and vegetarians and acts as a hub of postmodern dialogue. A copy of the Yogya Art Map, produced by the team at Kedai Kebun, is a must-have for art lovers.

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Nearby Yogyakarta attractions

1. Taman Sari

0.66 MILES

This once-splendid pleasure park of palaces, pools and waterways, built between 1758 and 1765, functioned as the playground of the sultan and his…

2. Kraton

0.72 MILES

Beside the southern alun-alun (main square), Yogya's enormous kraton (palace) is the cultural and political heart of this fascinating city. Effectively a…

3. Museum Kareta Kraton

0.87 MILES

This wonderful old carriage house exhibits the opulent chariots of the sultan. The leather-upholstered and intricately painted carriages tell their own…

4. Pagelaran Pavilion

0.89 MILES

Due to a schism in the ruling royal family, there is a small portion of the kraton, overlooking the northern alun-alun, that is walled off from the main…

5. Mesjid Besar

0.98 MILES

This central, open-air mosque, built in a traditional Javanese architectural style, is the largest in the city.

6. Sono-Budoyo Museum

1.09 MILES

This treasure chest is one of the best museums in Yogya. It is only small but is home to a first-class collection of Javanese art, including wayang kulit…

7. Gedung Negara

1.24 MILES

The seat of power in the Yogya region, this imposing modern-classical complex is closed to the public but makes a good landmark on Jl A Yani.

8. Benteng Vredeburg

1.26 MILES

The old Dutch fort, with its impressive moat, is a popular destination for school outings, as it communicates Indonesia's recent history through engaging…