Jungutbatu village.

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Jungutbatu Beach

Nusa Lembongan

The beach here, a mostly lovely arc of white sand with clear blue water, has views across to Gunung Agung in Bali. The pleasant seawall walkway is ideal for strolling, especially – as you'd guess – at sunset. Floating boats save the scene from being an idyllic cliché. The once redolent odour of drying farmed seaweed is fading away as all available land is turned over to tourism.

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Nearby Nusa Lembongan attractions

1. Pura Segara

0.53 MILES

Pura Segara and its enormous banyan tree are the site of frequent ceremonies.

2. Lighthouse

0.58 MILES

A metal-legged landmark at the north end of the island.

3. Pantai Selegimpak

0.94 MILES

The long, straight beach is usually lapped by small waves at this remote-feeling spot where, unfortunately, some guesthouses have built seawalls below the…

4. Pura Puseh

1.11 MILES

At the north end of town where the island's main road passes, you can ascend a long stone staircase to Pura Puseh, the village temple. It has great views…

5. Sacred Tree

1.27 MILES

Look for the enormous sacred tree amid Pura Segara.

6. Pantai Tanjung Sanghyang

1.29 MILES

This beautiful bay, unofficially named Mushroom Bay after the mushroom corals offshore, has a crescent of bright white beach. By day, the tranquillity can…

7. Dream Beach

1.66 MILES

Down a lane, on the southwestern side of the island, Dream Beach is a 150m-deep pocket of white sand with pounding surf and pretty azure waters. From the…

8. Blue Lagoon

2.57 MILES

Surges of stunning turquoise waves tumble into jagged black rock formations at this cliffside cove overlooking the Bandung Strait. Posted signs point to…