Govind Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park


This sublime sanctuary protects 958 sq km of pristine forests, alpine meadows and snowy peaks, including the wonderfully remote Har-ki Dun (3510m) – a high valley that's a botanical paradise, criss-crossed by glacial streams. If you're very lucky, you might spot a snow leopard.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Uttarakhand attractions

1. Nag Temple

18.24 MILES

This fascinating complex in Sangla's old, lower town combines half a dozen stone and carved-wood sub-temples from very varying eras, all topped with…

2. Kamru Fort

18.78 MILES

Clinging to a rocky spur 2km north of Sangla, Kamru village was the original capital of the kingdom of Bushahr. The old Kamru Fort, a 329-step climb up…

3. Mohatmin Mandir

21.51 MILES

Dedicated to the local god Mathi, Mohatmin Mandir temple has some excellent old and new carvings in wood and stone.

4. Hatkeshwari Mata Temple

22.9 MILES

Hatkoti's 8th-century Kinnauri-style Hatkeshwari Mata Temple is dedicated to Durga in the guise of Mahishasurmardini (slayer of the buffalo demon…

5. Yamunotri Temple

24.02 MILES

One of the holy char dham pilgrimage temples, 19th-century Yamunotri Temple is near the source of the sacred Yamuna River, a 5km hike from the tiny…

6. Narayan-Nagini Temple

24.75 MILES

This typical collection of Kinnauri-style temple buldings lies behind Kalpa Fort. It's primarily dedicated to Durga, with naïve sculptures of tigers (one…

7. Kalpa Fort

24.79 MILES

Creating a strong visual icon for central Kalpa, this striking 2014 tower-style temple-fort is a reconstruction of an 1869 edifice that fell down in the…

8. Lochawa La-Khang

24.8 MILES

Adding a little unsophisticated colour to old Kalpa's central temple group, this Buddhist shrine has a prominent chorten (stupa) in its forecourt.