Zamskhang Palace Ruins

Nubra Valley

The long-abandoned former residence of the kings of Nubra is in an advanced state of ruin, but it offers fine views over the valley, alongside many scattered little stupas filled with votive clay tablets.

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1. Zimskang Museum

0.22 MILES

At the centre of charming Tegar village is the ancient little Manekhang Gompa from which a mani wall and a line of chortens leads down a sloping lane to…

2. Samstemling Gompa


The extensively rebuilt 19th-century Samstemling Gompa is of minor interest but the uphill walk here from Sumur is charming. It's some 1.5km above Tegar's…

3. Diskit Gompa

7.44 MILES

Directly above Old Diskit, a 2km spaghetti of hairpins winds up to this photogenic monastery complex, much of which dates to between the 14th and 17th…

4. Hunder Gompa

9.71 MILES

Hunder's small but expanding monastery is most interesting for the various Buddhist sites dotted around it, notably a series of ancient whitewashed…

5. Ensa Monastery

11.05 MILES

Remote 600-year-old Ensa Monastery, 35km north of Sumur on the west bank of the Nubra, feels like it's close to the end of the world. The monastery itself…

6. Khardung La

24.83 MILES

At 5602m, Khardung La is claimed (and disputed) to be the world’s highest motorable pass. A plethora of prayer flags festoons a flanking chaos of rocks…