National Research Centre on Camels

Agricultural Center in Around Bikaner

The National Research Centre on Camels is 8km southeast of central Bikaner, beside the Jodhpur–Jaipur Bypass. While here you can visit baby camels, go for a short ride and look around the small museum. There are about 400 camels, of four different breeds. The British Army had a camel corps drawn from Bikaner during WWI. Guides are available from ₹50. The on-site Camel Milk Parlour offers samples to try including kulfi (flavoured firm-textured ice cream) and lassi.

The round trip from Bikaner, including a half-hour wait at the camel farm, is around ₹300/₹600 for an autorickshaw/taxi. Don't rely on the fact that there may be an available autorickshaw waiting outside: always organise a round trip.