Vidhan Sabha


This architectural masterpiece by Le Corbusier is home to the state legislative assemblies of Punjab and Haryana. Tourists can only visit as part of their tour of the Capitol Complex.

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1. Secretariat

0.14 MILES

One of the three definitive superstructures within Chandigarh's main administrative zone, the Secretariat Building is one of Le Corbusier's masterpieces…

2. Capitol Complex

0.16 MILES

At the epicentre of Le Corbusier’s planned city are the imposing concrete High Court, Secretariat and Vidhan Sabha, shared by the states of Punjab and…

3. Open Hand Sculpture

0.29 MILES

The tour of the Capitol Complex includes a visit to Le Corbusier’s unmistakably mid-century Open Hand sculpture, the city’s official emblem, signifying…

4. High Court

0.33 MILES

The High Court is one of Chandigarh's most iconic buildings from the Le Corbusier era. Executed in reinforced concrete, the massive avant-garde structure…

5. High Court Museum

0.37 MILES

On the approach road to the High Court, the small High Court Museum displays assorted judicial memorabilia including original Le Corbusier sketches, a…

6. Bougainvillea Garden

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Home to an overwhelming population of bougainvilleas, the eponymous Bougainvillea Garden has a thought-provoking memorial to Indian soldiers killed in…

7. Nek Chand Rock Garden

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Chandigarh's Rock Garden is unique: it's the surreal fantasy of the much-missed Nek Chand (1924–2015), a local transport official who, starting in 1957,…

8. Sukhna Lake

1.25 MILES

Fulfilling the leisure objective of Le Corbusier’s urban master plan, this landmark artificial lake is a popular rest and recreation stop for Chandigarh's…