A popular outing from Pithoragarh is the 7km traipse up to Chandak (1830m), a hilltop village and forested area offering sublime viewpoints of the Soar Valley and snow-capped Panchachuli Himalaya. A short walk from one another are two scenic Hindu temples: Mostamanu is a sprawling site dedicated to Manu; and the more serene Pashupatinath is set among forest and a grassy clearing and features sublime views over the valley. A return taxi will cost ₹400 or so.

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1. Pithoragarh Fort


This renovated historic fort was built by Gurkas in 1791 before being taken over by the British in 1815 who named it London Fort. There's a museum opening…

2. Jageshwar Temple

20.62 MILES

Surrounded by peaceful deodar forest is this cluster of 124 picturesque temples and shrines dating to the 7th century AD. They vary from linga shrines to…

3. Jageshwar Archaeological Museum

20.76 MILES

The small but worthwhile Jageshwar Archaeological Museum houses a collection of exquisite, detailed religious carvings dating from the 9th- to 13th…

4. Dandeshwar Temple

21.03 MILES

Sitting 2km outside Jageshwar on the approach to town is this attractive but low-key complex of 7th-century temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

5. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

29.09 MILES

This 45-sq-km nature sanctuary is 26km northwest from Almora. It's visited primarily for its scenic pine forest and hiking trails, and popular for its…