Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute


This is the venue for a 50-person archery event whose outcome is the subject of a highly popular betting game in Shillong, known as Thoh Tim or Teer or Siat Khnam. At tiny betting stalls all over the city, people wager on how many of the archers' arrows will stick in the target. Visitors are welcome to watch the fascinating spectacle and there's no entry charge.

What people actually bet on is the last two digits of the total number of successful arrows in each of the two rounds of shooting. If those totals are, for example, 936 and 682, the winning numbers are 36 and 82, and a gambler who has placed a ₹20 stake on those two numbers wins ₹80,000. Followers of the sport say that the best wagers are often placed by those who can interpret their previous night's dreams into corresponding numbers.

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