St James Church

Kolkata (Calcutta)

This twin-spired church and the eponymous school makes a useful orientation landmark when seeking out the Motherhouse for the first time. Ask for 'Jora Girja', its popular street name.

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1. Mother Teresa's Motherhouse

0.13 MILES

A regular flow of mostly Christian pilgrims visits the Missionaries of Charity’s 'Motherhouse' to pay homage at Mother (and now Saint) Teresa’s large,…

2. South Park Street Cemetery

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Active from 1767 to about 1840, this historic cemetery remains a wonderful oasis of calm, featuring surreal mossy Raj-era graves from rotundas to soaring…

3. Scottish Cemetery

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Over 1600 ragged old graves, predominantly colonial-era Scottish, lie in this gated graveyard whose jungle-like overgrowth has been cut back in recent…

4. Clocktower

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New Market has a grand colonial clocktower, but by day it's a nest of handicraft touts. Come before 8am, while the touts are sleeping, to calmly…

5. New Market

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Marked by a distinctive red-brick clocktower, this enormous warren of market halls dates to 1874, but was substantially rebuilt after a 1980s fire. By day…

6. St Thomas Church

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Opened in 1842, this understated Catholic church has a Doric-columned portico topped by a short octagonal spire. It was here that the body of Mother (St)…

7. Indian Museum

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India's biggest and oldest major museum celebrated its bicentenary in February 2014. It's mostly a lovably old-fashioned place that fills a large…

8. Harrington Street Arts Centre

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Exhibitions of contemporary artworks by Indian and international artists in diverse media are spread through four spacious rooms of this classic Kolkata…