Railway Museum

Kolkata (Calcutta)

Some 500m south of Howrah train station, the open-air Railway Museum has a two-storey station model, several 19th-century steam locomotives and a toy-train ride (₹10). To get here, walk south of the Howrah train station complex along Foreshore Rd, keeping the Hooghly River to your left.

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1. Eastern Railways Building

0.58 MILES

Designed with a slightly Spanish flourish, this huge colonial-era building has graceful window arches and overhangs picked out in red and the odd wooden…

2. Mullik Ghat


This bathing ghat has a great sunset view of Howrah Bridge. Access from Strand Rd is along the same footbridge that leads to the flower market. It gets…

3. Mausoleum of Job Charnock

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At the rear northwest corner of St John's Church grounds, there's a small gated cemetery partly paved with 18th-century grave stones. The centrepiece of…

4. Howrah Bridge

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Howrah Bridge is a 705m-long abstraction of shiny steel cantilevers and rivets, which serves as a carriageway of nonstop human and motorised traffic…

5. Old GPO Building

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One of the most iconic buildings on BBD Bagh is the old General Post Office, with its central rotunda soaring nearly 40m around a statue of a lance…

6. Chartered Bank Building

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7. Black Hole Memorial

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This slender white monolith, standing atop an octagonal base adorned with marble plaques, commemorates those British officials who died in the siege of…

8. Banking Museum

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This professionally presented little museum brings alive the history of Indian banking using paintings, models, seals, weapons and archival materials. A…