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Kerala's northern coast is far less touristed than the south, which for many is an attraction in its own right. The main draws in this part of coastal Kerala are the beautiful, undeveloped beaches and the enthralling theyyam possession rituals.Under the Kolathiri rajas, Kannur (formerly Cannanore) was a major port bristling with international trade – explorer Marco Polo christened it a ‘great emporium of spice... Read More

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Overnight Private Guided Tour of Theyyam from Kannur

Pick up from your hotel, bus or railway station in Kannur and transfer to the accommodation for check-in. Depending on your schedule and preference, you will be taken to the recommended Theyyam festival location. Different types of Theyyams are performed in one temple at different intervals on the same day. Usually night Theyyams takes place between 6pm-12pm and 3am-6am and the best time for day Theyyams is in the morning between 6am-5pm. There will one guide/driver accompanying you through the tour. Discuss with your guide to make the best out of this unique Theyyam experience! Theyyam – the form of worshiping gods, goddesses and legendary heroes is based on a rather simple concept; after suitable propitiatory rituals, the god or goddess belonging to a temple becomes temporally manifest in the body of an empowered man (the performer), thereby elevating him to a divine status. Theyyam ceremonies usually take place either within the precincts of a small shrine, usually called Kavu, Kazhakam, Muchilottu, Mundiya, Sthanam, or in the yard of an ancestral house. At times it could be performed in an open space with a temporary shrine called pathi.When the tour ends, you will be dropped off at your hotel, bus or railway station for your onward journey.

$125 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Tour: Experience Theyyam Ritual from Kannur

Your tour starts with pickup in Kannur for the journey to village temples (kavu) or ancestral HIndu homes where Theyyam is performed. Theyyam takes place as a part of annual temple festivals, and you can expect three to five different types of Theyyam at one temple. Witness the preparation of Theyyam costumes (photos are allowed), and then see the performances themselves, the important ritual part of event. You'll be able to rest at the temple or house before continuing to experience the other Theyyams performed in the same place and interacting with performers and villagers. If you select the afternoon departure time when booking, you might have an opportunity to see a fire Theyyam, only performed at night (depending on availability).Then return to Kannur to end your tour.

$125 Private & Custom Tours

Private Full Day Tour of Kannur

At 8am, you will be picked from the Kannur bus or railway station or your hotel to start your village tour, which ends at Madayipara, a flat hillock, known for its beauty and biodiversity. After, proceed to visit Ezhimala hills where you will see the highest statue of Lord Hanuman (Monkey God). Then, you will be transported to Kavvayi Island, a beach on one side and backwater river on the other. You will have the opportunity to stop for lunch (at you own expense) and then experience village sightseeing through paddy fields and greenery. After, head to Parassinikadavu to visit a famous pilgrim centre in Kannur or the Parassinikadavu Snake Park. Return to your hotel or the Kannur bus station in the evening. If your visit is during the November to May time frame, this tour may also include viewing of a Theyyam performance.

$2189 Rail

Delhi to Kochi by Rail

There’s never been a lack of monuments and highlights to see in India, and this 21-day Rail trip hits them all, from the Taj Mahal to the Rajasthani streets of Jaipur and Udaipur and everything in between. Take the train down to Mumbai and Goa, and have the chance to explore the breathtaking ruins of Hampi in the Karnataka region. Add in memorable moments in Mysore and Kochi, and you’d be hard-pressed to feel like you’ve missed out on anything India has to offer.

$4649 Rail

Ultimate India by Rail

On this six-week trip that circles India via train, you’ll start in Delhi, travelling to Agra for a tour of the legendary Taj Mahal, then head southwest by rail to make stops in Rajasthan, Mumbai, and Goa. From there it’s on to Karnataka, Kochi, and living like a local in the Kerala Backwaters before going south, east, and north to view spectacular temples and riding the famous toy trains of Darjeeling. Top this epic journey off with local meals in family homes, wandering the beautiful streets of Jaipur and Udaipur, and relaxing on beaches along the way. India looks very different through a train’s window – see it all for yourself.

$749.25 Rail

Southern India & Karnataka by Rail

As a country, India is so vast that sometimes it takes a couple visits in order to see as much of it as possible. Knock the less-explored southern region of Karnataka off the list right away. Over ten days’ time, you’ll take the train from Goa to Kochi via Karnataka and have the chance to see the breathtaking ruins of Hampi – a true highlight of the journey. Even more memorable moments await in Mysore and Madikeri as you explore opulent palaces and a coffee plantation. Hop on board and get ready for the ride of your life.