Thalasseri Fort


The coastal town of Thalasseri (formerly Tellicherry), 20km southeast of Kannur, was a major cardamom and pepper export hub under the British East India Company. Its British-built fort – now filled with neat gardens of hibiscuses, frangipanis and palms – dates from 1708. Below, gazing out to sea from the clifftop, stands the restored neo-Gothic 1867 St John's Church, with its whitewashed walls, chandeliers and stained-glass windows.

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1. Kerala Dinesh Beedi Co-Operative

7.97 MILES

The Kannur region is known for the manufacture of beedis, those tiny Indian cigarettes deftly rolled inside green leaves. This is one of the largest and…

2. Thottada Beach

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Framed by low palm-sprinkled headlands and a shallow lagoon, this beautiful powdery gold-sand expanse, 8km southeast of Kannur centre, is home to the area…

3. Arakkal Museum

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Housed in part of the royal palace of the Arakkal family, a powerful Kannur dynasty with its roots dating to the 12th century, this harbourfront museum…

4. Loknath Weavers’ Co-operative

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Established in 1955, this is one of the oldest cooperatives in Kannur and occupies a large building where weavers busily work away to the click of looms…

5. Fort St Angelo

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One of the earliest Portuguese settlements in India (constructed with permission from Kannur's rulers), the 1505 St Angelo Fort looms tall on a promontory…

6. Payyambalam Beach

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Kannur town's main sandy strand is the blonde, 4km-long Payyambalam Beach, 3km west of the train station, just past the military cantonment.

7. Kerala Folklore Academy

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At this traditional-arts training academy overlooking Chirakkal Pond, 6km north of Kannur, you can see vibrantly coloured folklore costumes in the museum…