Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


This 90-sq-km sanctuary, 50km northeast of Munnar, protects deer, leopards, elephants, gaur, langurs and endangered, Nilgiri tahr and grizzled giant squirrels. Entry is by three-hour trek with tribal guides (two tribal groups live here). Tree house (₹4000), mud hut (₹5000) and log house (₹4000) accommodation within the sanctuary are available; rates are per couple, including breakfast and dinner. For details contact Munnar's Forest Information Centre or DTPC.

Coimbatore- and Udumalpet-bound buses from Munnar stop at Chinnar (₹60, 1½ hours); return taxis cost ₹2000.

Ecotourism programs on offer include cultural visits to tribal villages, and there's a viewpoint tower (₹20).

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