Umaid Bhawan Palace

Palace in Jodhpur

Gaj Singh II still lives in part of this hilltop palace, built in 1929 for Maharaja Umaid Singh. It was designed by the British architect Henry Lanchester and took more than 3000 workers 15 years to complete its 365 rooms, at a cost of around ₹11 million.

The museum (9am to 5pm, Indian/foreigner ₹50/100), which includes photos of the elegant art-deco interior plus an eccentric collection of elaborate clocks, is the only part open to casual visitors.

The building is mortarless, and incorporates 100 wagon loads of Makrana marble and Burmese teak in the interior. Apparently its construction began as a royal job-creation program during a time of severe drought. Much of the building has been turned into a suitably grand hotel. Casual visitors are not welcome at either the royal residence or the hotel.

Don’t miss the maharaja’s highly polished classic cars, displayed in front of the museum, by the entrance gate.

It's 3km southeast of the old city; take an autorickshaw.