Om Bana Temple

Jaisalmer, Jodhpur & Western Rajasthan

One of the strangest temples in all of India stands 8km south of Rohet beside the Pali road, near Chotila village. The deity at Om Bana Temple is a garland-decked Enfield Bullet motorcycle, known as Bullet Baba. The story goes that local villager Om Bana died at this spot in the 1980s when his motorbike skidded into a tree.

The bike was taken to the local police station, but then mysteriously twice made its own way back to the tree, and travellers along the road started seeing visions of Om Bana – inevitably leading to the machine’s deification. Any time of day or night people can be seen at the shrine here, simultaneously praying for safe journeys and making offerings of liquor.

Buses from Jodhpur to Rohet should continue on to Om Bana, but check with the driver. Otherwise, you can hop on almost any passing bus from Rohet (₹15).

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